Term Ends: 2026
Party: R

Tim Ellender was elected in 2020 for a term beginning on January 1, 2021 and expiring on December 31, 2026.

“Patience, critical thinking, integrity in decision making, and the ability to rise above outside influences are principles by which I plan to honor if elected as your next district judge.  For too often, litigants come into court scared and fearful that the cards are stacked against them.   People want to have faith that a judge is going to do all they can to be fair and that he or she will take the time and be willing to get down to the bottom of where the truth is sometimes hiding without being influenced by confirmation bias.  I believe my passion and zeal for justice, combined with a wide array of diverse courtroom experiences over the past 21 years, places me in a unique position to honor and respect the rule of law.

I am a lifelong conservative Republican, who believes in personal responsibility and frugality regarding our tax dollars. My primary concern has always focused on being fair and seeking justice. I have built a reputation amongst my peers in providing honest and transparent representation to my clients. My word is my bond. I don’t consider myself to be tough on crime nor soft on crime, rather smart on crime. I will do my best to reduce recidivism with the goal of protecting our citizens and at the same time putting people in the best position to become taxpayers not tax burdens. I appreciate your consideration on November 3rd.”